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People Living with Cancer offers a free Cancer Buddy support network (Cancer Buddies) that assists cancer patients individually and in formal support groups by providing them with relevant information and support provided by trained cancer survivors who have experienced a similar cancer to them.  The buddies are trained on how to assist patients who are currently facing treatment, they help the newly diagnosed patient and caregivers to deal with diagnosis, treatment, emotional issues and living with and beyond the treatment of cancer.   This support resource is very unique and is a wonderful tool to assist new patients in navigating this new journey with cancer at an extremely vulnerable time in their live.

EMAIL : info [at] plwc [dot] org [dot] za


Campaigning for Cancer is an advocacy organisation that was formed to give South African patients and those affected by cancer a voice.  Pioneering cancer advocacy in South Africa, Campaigning for Cancer lobbies for the promotion and protection of the rights of patients and those affected by cancer with regards to policy, healthcare costs and healthcare delivery.  Campaigning for Cancer does this on an individual patient level by providing people with the knowledge and tools to see their treatment process through, by noting issues highlighted by these individual cases and lobbying for policy change that will affect all of society. 

EMAIL : info [at] campaign4cancer [dot] co [dot] za



The Journey of Hope Breast Cancer Ride has a powerful calling to spread the message of hope across South Africa.  This campaign brings with it a message of hope and encouragement in an unbeat, positive and unique manner through the courage and the drive of women, all breast cancer survivors, who traverse the country on motorcycles to allay the myths surrounding breast cancer.  The aim of the campaign is to create awareness for early detection which is key to survival and bring hope in a positive way.  The ride is a demonstration of the shear courage and determination of survivors donning their leathers and Harley Davidson helmets and taking on the road as they took on the challenge of breast cancer - head on, positive and without waiver.

EMAIL : frieda [at] journeyofhope [dot] co [dot] za



The Sunflower Fund aims to educate and recruit bone marrow stem cell donors for leukaemia patients in need of a life saving transplant.  It strives to maintain the associations data records of the South African Bone Marrow Registry. 10 years - over 64 500 donors recruited - many lives saved!  Now we need you to "share a little.... save a life".

EMAIL : gauteng [at] sunflowerfund [dot] org [dot] za



Bosom Buddies provides emotional and informative support to all those affected by breast cancer at point of diagnosis and during treatment.   They not only support breast cancer patients but also their husbands, parents, children and friends.  They give support through telephone calls where patients are linkerd to a buddy who provides support telephonically. Public meetings are held every six weeks where patients and their support systems can listen to talks on issues related to breast cancer.  Buddies will also offer extra support by accompanying you to your treatment be it chemotherapy or radiation.




The Breast Health Foundation's mission is to be achieved through the promotion of a multi-disciplinary approach to breast cancer specifically via the establishmnt of a "Breast Chain of Survival".  Our vision is to redefine the face of breast cancer as perceived by South Africans in general and patients in particular, promoting a positive mindset of survival, recovery and quality of life.  Early awareness of the disease; early access to information; early support; early diagnostic intervention; early definitive care and early and ongoing analysis of care.


EMAIL : louise [at] mybreast [dot] org [dot] za   



CANSA offers a unique integrated service to the public and all people affected by cancer.  As a leading role player in cancer research (R4.5 million spent annually), the scientific findings and knowledge gained from our research are used to realign our health programme as well as strengthen our watchdog role to the greater benefit of health.  Our wide-reaching programme includes prevention and education campaigns, patient care and support in the form of 11 Interim Homes.  CANSA gives out free Cancer Coping Kits in English, seSotho, isiZulu and Afrikaans.


EMAIL : info [at] cansa [dot] org [dot] za



Breast Buddies has been specially put together for day to day breast cancer patients and reasons close to them. This site may offer invaluable information and support to all its users.  This 'Online Forum' is a safe place where we can often open your heart, share your ups and downs and read about other experiences.


EMAIL : info [at] breastbuddies [dot] co [dot] za

WEBSITE: monica [at] breastbuddies [dot] co [dot] za   

CHOC'S mission is to contribute to the well being of children with cancer and life threatening blood disorders and their families.  Funds raised are applied to directly benefit the children and also support those involved in the treatment of these most serious illnesses.  The goal of this dedicated group is to improve the welfare and quality of care for the children with cancer.  The organisation provides direct practical help to children with cancer from diagnosis onwards, recognising the inevitable disruption to family life when a child faces vigorous and often lengthy treatment.

EMAIL : national [at] choc [dot] org [dot] za




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